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Customer Newsletter for 06/19/2016

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Greetings Grognards!

   Summer is upon us, and it's time to do warm weather gaming stuff! Lay in the hammock getting some rays and reading up on new rule sets, sit at the project table in the A/C building cardstock minis, or packing up to hit a Summer convention. We can help you with two out of the three! Lots of new rule sets and cardstock minis have been loaded up recently, so check 'em out and don't forget the sunscreen. Or the electric bill!  

Till next time, good gaming to everyone, and watch your flanks!

~ Steve

American War of Independence

American War of Independance

The American war of Independence was fought from 1775 - 1783, eight long years of war. This started out as a colony of 13 independent states joined together to fight England, one of the most powerful countries in the world. Campaigns were fought across the northern, middle and southern states before finally becoming the United States of America.

These rules allow you to re-fight the battles of the AWI by forming Companies, Battalions, and Brigades. You can even command Indian war parties, and conduct raids. Each unit spends actions to maneuver and fight across the table top, providing a simple command & control system. While it is easy to play it is difficult to master. This includes a scenario for Cowpens.

Company - Regimental Level Rules - Using D10’s and a few D6’s.


Crucible of Force

Crucible of Force

Crucible of Force uses the Award Winning Fields of Fire game engine to bring our fast paced, yet accurate play style to the Second World War.  These rules cover European Theater combat from the beginning of the war to the Summer of 1943.  Also included are play charts and other play aids to make your gaming experinece more enjoyable.

The rules cover all aspects of game play, from movement and shooting to command and control, but are written in such a way as to allow the player to design a scenario as simple or as advanced as desired.  Novice players appreciate the easy to understand format, while veterans appreaciate a fast-paced game that maintains real-world accuracy for their historical or what-if scenarios.

Playable at either 6mm or 15mm, Crucible of Force allows you to use the scale you prefer for your game.  Each miniature represents 1 tank and infantry basing is flexible.  The game plays as well for platoon level combat as it does for a battalion.  These rules cover equipment from the USA, USSR, Great Britain, France, Poland, Germany, and Italy.


Steam Tank VSF

Steam Tank VSF


 “Curse these damned four armed freaks!”  General Woolycock threw his hat down on the chart table and waived his hands in the air.  “Green Martians – Red Martians, they’s all freaks to me.  Why are our stout fellows overrun every time those Green Martians charge?   We have magazine rifles and machine guns.  They have spears and rocks to throw.  We should be giving them a taste of the bayonet, not running like frightened children!”

 “Please General, have some tea.”  Captain Rantallion, the General’s aid said as he decanted a generous portion of fine Scots Whisky into the General’s teacup.   “Some of those green fellows are quite large.  Rifle caliber bullets don’t seem to do much to stop them. They are awfully tuff.”

 “Good tea, Randy.  Good tea,” said the General, smacking his lips.

 “Our chaps do well enough when they are in fortifications with artillery support.”  Captain Rantallion  said as he refilled the General’s cup. 

 “Stuff and nonsense!”  General Woolycock held out his cup for another refill.   “How can we attack from a fortification?” 

 “Perhaps a mobile fort of some sort.”  Randy corked the bottle, set it back in the liquor rack and pulled a pamphlet from his jacket pocket. “A mobile fort with artillery support built in.   Something like this.”  He handed the pamphlet to the General.

“Ah, ha…hem-a-hem,” mumbled the General as he pulled his glasses out and adjusted them on his nose.    “What do we have here?”  

“A large steam powered armored vehicle, mounting a breach loading six inch naval rifle and two Gatling Guns.”

 “Naval – smaval,”  said the General,  “We will have no talk of naval rifles here.   Hence forth it will be referred as an Army rifle.”   He looked back to the pamphlet, drooling over the fine engraving showing the Steam Tank’s massive tracks grinding its way over the recumbent bodies of enemy soldiers.   “Oh yes, oh yes!” the man’s glee was truly frightening.   “How does it work?”

 “It will be no problem, Sir.  These things are classified as Land Ships, so the Navy will be responsible for them.   Sailors will man the guns and take care of the nasty details such as engineering and maintenance.”

“Oh, I don’t know if I like that so well.”  The General frowned.

Captain Rantallion smiled like a fox.  “But they will be under your command.  And should anything go wrong – the Navy will be responsible.”

 “I see!”  The General smiled.  “See to it that a dozen or so are shipped immediately to the Martian front.”  He rubbed his hands, and reached for his teacup.  “Let’s have some more tea.”

 Reviresco’s Steam Tank kit is designed to be built over one sixteenth inch cardboard or illustration board and  comes with interior detail, including the steam boilers, ammo chests, six inch Naval Rifle and Gatling Guns.   The entire fighting compartment of the vehicle rotates so the main gun can be brought to bear on targets to the sides or rear of the vehicle. The overall size of the completed kit is 9.5 x 4 x 4 inches.  The multi-layer .pdf provides for six different color schemes, making this kit a definite must have for the Victorian Science Fiction collector or gamer.



Broadside and Ram

Broadside and Ram

Comprising a brief history of the naval campaign fought between the navies of Austria and Italy in the Summer of 1866, and culminating in the biggest ironclad fleet action off the island of Lissa on July 20th.  Also included is a campaign system, a set of fast play rules and a complete set of ship data for the rules allowing the campaign to be fought out over a weekend or a few club nights. Broadside and Ram is based on content from the author's previous publication "Ironclads in Action", published by A&AGE and long out of print.


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