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Customer Newsletter for 06/14/2015

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Greetings Grognards!

Another newsletter, more new goodies! Our publishers keep cranking them out, and we keep bringing them to you.

This installment showcases some new rule sets that have recently been loaded up and a couple of really great cardstock terrain products. 

And these are only a fraction of all the new titles we've gotten lately, so head to The Vault and check them all out!

Till next time, good gaming to everyone, and watch your flanks!

~ Steve

1944: Combat Shock/ Remastered Edition

1944: Combat Shock

"War is Hell." - William Tecumseh Sherman

In 2013, CPOP created the original 1944: Combat Shock rules, which was also CPOP’s first entry into the world of historical miniatures games. 2 years later, the game remains one of CPOP’s best. In 2015, CPOP launched its CPOP RETROWAVE collection, collecting various retired CPOP projects, which have been remastered and restored, for release during the CPOP Year Zero initiative.

1944: Combat Shock is a tabletop miniatures game of 15mm skirmish warfare, offering both basic and advanced rules, a simple, easy to learn system with mechanics revolving around quick gameplay. Originally created using the CPOP classic, GROMM: Fantasy Skirmish rules as a foundation, 1944: Combat Shock features rules for quick, furious and simple, yet tactical gameplay, focused on combat within the very first turn.

Playing the game is simple: mount between 2 and 5 World War 2 15mm miniatures from any historical range you wish on a single base to create your forces on tabletops of 2 foot by 2 foot in size, all the way up to 4 foot by 4 foot in size, allowing for easy, quick and involved gameplay.

1944: Combat Shock contains basic and advanced rules, playable forces for the United States, Great Britain, Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union, as well as rules for platoon or company creation, various scenarios, battle conditions, templates, counters and much more.

Prepare yourself, for war. Prepare yourself, for Combat Shock.


Dice Towers from Finger and Toe

Dice Tower


“Alea jacta est!”

Match your dice tower to your game.  Plop one of these (or all four–they’re available as a bundle) on your table.  It looks like one of your terrain pieces.  The basic tower is three inches square and nine high.  When they dice roll out, they can’t scatter because the receiving tray traps them.  No more crawling around on the floor searching for one fugitive die.  No more banging your head on the table as you try to stand up.  See?  The Finger and Toe Dice Towers are also a health aid!  (OK, maybe not, but they do prevent a lot of gaming headaches.)

There are four versions of the dice towers.  The historic tower has a watch tower rampart.  The Sci-Fi tower a laser turret.  The fantasy tower an horrific horned portal to the otherworld.  The western tower is a water tower and stock tank.

Remember, every Finger and Toe model comes with SMOOSH ASSURANCE: if y’all smoosh your Dice Tower, a new set waits your summons from hard drive and printer.


Make It So - Visceral Impact Studios

Make It So



Make It So
goes where no spaceship game has gone before! The game includes everything from agile frigates equipped with Quantum Torpedoes and Sub-Space Drone Racks to mighty capital ships with Fusion Cannons and Fighter Squadrons.

Complete starship design rules treat starship hulls as more than "stuffed sausages". Budding space navy architects will need to carefully analyze the mobility, defensive, offensive, and logistical (yes, there are re-fueling rules!) advantages and disadvantges of various hull classes. Rules are also included for stealthy sub-space field generators and a variety of weapon and defensive sytems which bring rich rock-paper-scissor combat to starship battles.

Victory is determined by far more than destroying enemy ships. Players battle for control of a planet and its surrounding moons too. Victory points are awarded for destroying and capturing starships, controlling the vital trans-light warp exclusion zones around a planet or moon, and for landing troops on planets and moons to secure them for your faction.

The game system also does away with tedious written record keeping while also providing challenging tactical puzzles involving weapon and shield arcs and starship orders which determine maneuver and combat options. A single-sided Quick Reference Sheet with a Fleet Data Sheet on the other side is all a player needs to command his battlefleet.

An elegant damage control and critical hit system using just a few markers provides deep combat result details without resorting to countless "ship record sheets" littering the tabletop. The game uses only 6-sided dice and all game markers are provided.

Rules for using tape measures, a square grid or a hexagon grid are fully integrated into the rule text. Fleets usually consisting of 6 to 12 starships can do battle on a tabletop area as small as 36" x 36" or 90cm x 90cm. All game measurements are given in Tactical Units (TU) which is 2", 5cm, 1 square or 1 hex. 


Highland Adventures from Fat Dragon Games

Highland Adventures

HIGHLAND ADVENTURES allows you to create modular cliff terrain quickly and easily, and then fold them flat for easy storage. Our all-new locking design ensures sections will not shift when stacked, and modular ledges and other add-ons allow you to fully customize your terrain layout.

This set includes:

• Eight (8) unique,  stackable cliff models (two different rock textures to choose from)

• Unique locking mechanism allows you to stack sections without shifting

• 3D boulders

• Sinkhole

• Rock bridge

• Modular ledges

• Miniature climbing adaptors for cliff sides

• Cap piece

• Peak with stairs

• Rock stairs

• Rock tile

• Rockslide

• Sinkhole

• Cave opening

• Full color instructions

• Beginner's Guide to Card Modeling


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