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Customer Newsletter for 10/19/2015

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Greetings Grognards!

We've had a whole bunch of great Sci-Fi titles loaded up lately by our fantastic publishers, so I just thought I'd do a Sci-Fi themed newsletter this time. The titles featured here are just a small sampling of the many recent Sci-Fi products loaded up. So get to clicking!

Till next time, good gaming to everyone, and watch your flanks!

~ Steve

LaserStorm. 6mm Grand Warfare from Nordic Weasel Games


More tanks, more robots, more war!

LaserStorm is 6mm science fiction on a massive scale.

Each troop stand is one vehicle or a 4-6 person fireteam. Units are platoons and the game can scale up to an entire battalion on the board, if you have the table space.

The game features:

*Card driven turn sequence, using a very small card deck.

*Not a single counter, marker or indicator placed on the table, ever.

*No record keeping or tracking for any units, ever.

*Combat rules are quick and straight forward. 

*Units are distinctive in play: Tanks are durable but vulnerable to close assault, super heavy tanks are mobile bunkers and massive behemoths can stride right through a defensive line, crushing and terrifying enemy troops as they go.

*Morale system sees units driven off the table and brought back to resume the battle again. You can actually reorganize and redeploy during a game, to open up new fronts or outflank the enemy.

*Army commanders provide special deployment and combat options to their troops.

*Choose from 25 ready-to-play units, put your own together using a fast "Assembly Line" where you simply match up vehicle hulls and guns or use the points system to build your own troops from scratch.

*Unit types that can be built include infantry, tanks, grav vehicles, cavalry, field artillery, giant robots, heroes and many more.

*A standard objective-oriented scenario to get to grips with.

*Unit traits included to customize and build unique troops, such as scouts.

*Fully featured map-driven campaign rules, with troop upgrades.

*A small quick-play scenario that should be playable with almost any scifi figures on your shelf.

* * * * *

LaserStorm is intended for use with 3mm, 6mm and 10mm figures.

All dice used are plain, six-sided dice. No markers or counters are required but a deck of cards is recommended.



5150: No Quarter Mecha Combat

5150 No Quarter


 5150 No Quarter - Mecha Combat

"When a vehicle just won't do!"

What: Mech specific Sci Fi military combat.

Scale: Mech on Mech combat. 1 model equals 1 Mech.

Your Role: Players can command from one Mech up to ten or more.

Playability: Designed for solo, same side and head to head play.

5150 No Quarter can be played in a variety of ways:

• You can play as a Mech Pilot with one Mech.
• You can play as a Team Leader with 3 Mechs.
• You can play as a Squad Leader with 6 Mechs.
• You can even play as a Company Commander with 24 Mechs.
• You can play one-off battles.
• You can play a full campaign with up to ten scenarios.

The bottom line is you can play it any way you like, with any models or counters you like.

Inside you’ll find:

• Rules for Mech to Mech combat with stats and covering 5 different Races and Factions.
• Ten Linked scenarios that form a pre-generated Campaign for you to play.
• Fully compatible with Start Army and other 5150 games.
• A minimal bookkeeping Campaign System that gives meaning to every game as the results of one will affect the outcome of the next.


Silent Death: Universal Night Watch

Silent Death


A ball of panic surged in Justin's throat as the wounded Muskellunge appeared within the Ink Cloud off the port side of his Rattler. Though his HUD wouldn't track through that black chemical soup, he opened up with his Splatterguns. No hit.

Seconds later his boards lit up as the commander's Falcon achieved an accurate scan pinpointing the exact location of the Muskellunge deep within the cloud. This time his Splatterguns did their work with grizzly efficiency, leaving the Muskellunge a mangled corpse hanging in the dark space.

Through sharing resources, technologies, and intelligence, the Twelve created a brotherhood for the defense of mankind. The Universal Night Watch was founded for the sole purpose of insuring humanity's survival against the assault of the Night Brood, horrors from beyond Terran space. There are no forces with better training or equipment, and none more willing to risk their lives for mankind's.

• New weapons and technology for fighting the Brood
• 12 Universal Night Watch Scenarios
• 2 New Brood Ships

  • Muckworm

  • Vartak

• 1 escort class ship

  • Falcon

• 6 new Terran fighters

  • Hornet

  • Praying mantis

  • Equalizer

  • Rattler

  • Javelin

  • Firebat


Star Fleet Battles: Klingon Master Starship Book

Klingon Master Starship Book

“Cadet, there’s a Klingon ship approaching. What is it?”


“Sir, it is a D7 battlecruiser. Arming phasers on your command!”


“Cadet, that is the Overlord, a D7N diplomatic cruiser. Diplomats take a dim view of having phasers pointed at them or their ships. After this simulation is over, you will return to your quarters and review the Klingon Master Starship Book. Dismissed!”

The third volume in the long-anticipated Master Starship Book series is now available. It includes every Klingon ship in Star Fleet Battles, including X-ships, Y-ships, and R1 units that are specific to the Klingon Empire. Every ship is illustrated. All updates, corrections, and errata have been added. The ships are in order (regardless of the product they came from) with the enhanced format listing detailed information in a consistent manner.

This book contains the descriptions of the ships, but no SSDs.


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