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Customer Newsletter for 03/18/2014

Wargame Vault

The world's largest wargame download store!

Greetings Grognards!

You might have noticed in the last week or two that our home page has changed quite a bit in appearance. Notably, rather than the old thumbnail view, we've changed to rotary "product strips." There are lots of reasons for these changes, some performance-driven and others more aesthetic in nature.

By way of explanation, our CTO, Mike Todd, offers the following food for thought: "Our main goal was to de-clutter the front page, since user testing showed that new users were overwhelmed with the amount of information we were showing them. However, feedback we received from some customers soon after that initial change indicated that they really liked seeing a lot of information at once, so we quickly implemented the 'list' and 'grid' views to bring those elements back."

"We also wanted to make the site more touch-friendly, since more and more users are browsing from smart phones and tablets. If you're on a touch-friendly device, you should notice that you can tap and drag those product strips."

Anyway, we know change can be scary, and change without apparent reason can be both scary and aggravating. Rest assured, we aren't just moving things around arbitrarily.

But more importantly, if we do something that you don't like, we are listening! Let me know!

Till next time, good gaming to everyone, and watch your flanks!

~ Steve

Close Quarters: Skirmish Miniatures Rules

Close Quarters

SpecOps missions. Prisoner rescues. Data retrieval. Ambush the enemy, sabotage his equipment and installations. Completing your mission is critical; any casualties are acceptable.

Close Quarters: Skirmish, based on our boardgame of the same name, is a fast-paced SciFi miniatures game of small-scale combat operations, suitable for 15mm to 28mm figure scales. Each model represents an individual trooper, vehicle, or crewed weapon; game sizes can range from 12 to 50-60 models (a reinforced platoon of infantry, or a cross attached armored or airborne company), and last from 45 minutes up to a couple of hours.

During each game turn, players activate a variable number of models in one of four segments (couplets) in an effort to complete each mission’s objectives – or to prevent their opponent from completing his. The game includes:

  • Easy to play game mechanics, with most functions resolved by the roll of a single die.

  • Basic rules for infantry, support weapons, vehicles, crewed weapons, and indirect fire (including off-board artillery)

  • 22 optional rules for players wanting a more detailed or varied game

  • Dozens of weapons, troop attributes, and vehicle systems to choose from

  • Field officers, NCOs, snipers, hackers, sappers, MBTs, tank destroyers, IFVs, VTOLs, antitank guns, power armor troopers, and a number of possibilities for some very non-human opponents

  • 11 standard scenarios that scale in both table size and number of game turns depending on the forces chosen for use by each player

  • A campaign game system that allows your men to improve over the course of the conflict

  • Complete rules for creating and fielding forces of your own design

  • Four pre-generated forces, representing human and alien factions in the late 25th century, along with TO&E and unit stats for each

  • Two playable sample campaign game forces

  • Blank, edit-enabled troop/vehicle and campaign game roster PDF forms

  • All necessary game markers, templates, and charts

Whether your mission takes place in an industrial complex, in the open field, or within the confines of a starship’s corridors, Close Quarters: Skirmish places the success or failure of each mission into the most capable hands: yours.


Colony Hab: Core Set

Colony Hab: Core Set  

Finger and Toe Models announces release of the 28mm PDF modular set Colony Hab: Core Set.

Future colonies were often built around standardized modules able to be quickly modified for a multiplicity of environments.  Colony Hab: Core Set has the parts to build five basic mdoules (4"x2"x2"), a cross-shaped junction, and a garage/lab.  Additional parts allow you to customize your set up with a comm array, laser turret, telescope dome, control tower, and more.

Remember, every Finger and Toe model comes with SMOOSH ASSURANCE: if ya’ll smoosh your Colony Hab: Core Set, a new set waits your summons from hard drive and printer.


Federation Commander Reference Rulebook

Federation Commander


“Lieutenant, what the heck is a plasma-D?”

“Looking! It’s not in the Romulan border database. Checking the Communique database for an update. Wait a minute, it might be in …”

“Brace for impact!”

The most requested Federation Commander product, the Reference Rulebook is the complete rulebook players have demanded. This is the complete rulebook, with all of the rules from Klingon Border, Klingon Attack, Romulan Border, Romulan Attack, Tholian Attack, Booster Zero, Battleships Attack, Communique, Distant Kingdoms, Orion Attack, Captain’s Log, Hydran Attack, and War & Peace. This includes all of the rules with all of the updates, revisions, examples, expansions, corrections ... all of it!

This does not include scenarios or ship descriptions. It’s just the rules, ma’am.

But it is all of the rules, in one book, in order, front to back, with everything added, inserted, edited into the rules, and rewritten to clarify the rules and make them high and tight, ready for battle.

This is a sixth edition rulebook.


Commit The Garde! - Leipzig

Commit The Garde! - Leipzig

Leipzig is the ultimate battle of the Napoleonic wars, the "Battle of Nations."  This was the conclusive act of the 1813 Campaign in Prussia.  This 4-day battle was the largest ever in Europe before World War I (101 years later!)

This scenario comprises 3 separate battlefields fought simultaneously, or the two main battlefields can be fought as stand-alone scenarios.

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