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Customer Newsletter for 10/23/2016

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Greetings Grognards!

Here in the U.S., we are in the Fall of an election year. Is anybody else here tired of all the political TV ads, political junk mail, political postings on social media, etc., etc., etc.  yet? I know I am! But don't despair, because I know a cure for election burnout regardless of your political bent - play some wargames! Relief is as close as a click on your mouse. Try one of these featured games, or one of the thousands of others we offer, any one of them has to be better than enduring more election drivel!    

Till next time, good gaming to everyone, and watch your flanks!

~ Steve

For King or Empress

For King or Empress

"Rogues! Do you want to live forever...?"
With those words from their steely-eyed sovereign ringing in their ears, the Prussian infantry tightened ranks and marched towards the white-clad Austrians waiting for them on the hill. The drums beat, echoing in the hearts of thousands of musketeers. Meanwhile, the generals looked on, frowning at the dispositions of their battle lines. Were there enough troops there to meet the enemy’s thrust? Should the reserves be shifted?

For King or Empress is a big battle, miniatures game for refighting the Seven Years War, 1756-62. Everything you need to play is here, including:

  • Easy-to-understand mechanics, illustrated with diagrams and photographs

  • A system that brings the battle to a finish, so victory is won on the tabletop◊

  • Interesting ways to set up battles, from march-on attacks against a deployed defender, to a grand tactical system conducted before the battle.

  • A logical point system, allowing you to refight battles from History

  • Army lists for all major and minor combatants of the Seven Years War, broken into early and late-war periods

  • Two tiers of army sizes, which allow you to field small forces quickly, or expand them to major armies like those controlled by Frederick the Great!

  • Optional rules to tweak just the right feel for your games, or put them in a Historical, campaign context

  • A flexible basing system, allowing you to use troops you already own or ◊ guide those just starting out


Mighty Midgets, 2nd edition

Mighty Midgets

During World War II, battleships and aircraft carriers often overshadowed the exploits of motor torpedo boats and motor gunboats. However, these mighty midgets performed invaluable services, venturing out night after night to face enemy naval, air, and ground forces. They operated in every major theater, from the warm waters of the Pacific and Mediterranean to the cold waters of the North Sea.


This module for Command at Sea fourth edition contains:

            • Thirty-one scenarios featuring small craft actions in all the major theaters

            • Ships, Aircraft, and weapons data to support all the scenarios

            • Sidebars on PT boat tactics and history

            • Rules for role-playing as a small craft force commander

            • Two campaigns that use the role-playing rules

A Union So Tested

A Union So Tested


A Union So Tested is the second rule set to feature the Look, Sarge, No Charts!TM rule system. Look, Sarge, No Charts: ACW features dynamic mechanics that allow the players to fight the battle, not the rules. Players command a division or more. In these rules “realism” is gained through simple mechanics that stress the players’ decision making. Do not assume, however, that this means that A Union So Tested is a bag-full-of-dice and “sixes hit” system. Six years have gone into the systems in this booklet. When you play A Union So Tested, you will be challenged and excited.

… And best of all, there are NO CHARTS CARDS to detract from the fun, clutter the aesthetics of your table, or slow down the game.


OSTFRONT - Main Rules


Ostfront is the result of 5 years of research and play-testing. Its a comprehensive World War 2 system aimed at historical accuracy, balance and fun. The rules have been streamlined over the years, and we would consider it "fast play" - Its quick, brutal and rewards bold commanders with sound tactics. 

Ostfront covers Infantry, Light Vehicles, all varieties of Tanks and Self-Propelled guns, Artillery in the form of Field Guns and Howitzers, Air Support and Air defense, as well various other forms of support and fortifications. It can be played in any theater of WW2, from North Africa to the Pacific. Aimed at 1/72, 1/100 or smaller scale miniatures. It would also work fine for 28mm.

The Ostfront system is all about combined arms - it plays at a Company to Battalion level, with the smallest unit being the Infantry Platoon. Infantry are deployed in bases, each one representing about 25 men for regulars, and about 10 men for the veteran Assault Infantry units. At 1/72 scale we usually use 3-4 miniatures per base, meaning you can make a large amount of bases from any cheap infantry box - one airfix box of 48 miniatures would give you 10 bases.

Tanks are of course a large part of Ostfront battles, with the average game fielding anywhere from 1 to 20 of them per side, sometimes more in larger games. Light vehicles play an important role, and reconnaissance has a tangible effect in-game - he who scouts out the area first can gain a tactical advantage.

We Split WW2 into 3 periods, allowing balanced battles to be fought and still capture the feelings of operations like Barbarossa and Operation Torch. Its not always about who has the most heavy tanks - in fact heavy tanks are somewhat expensive in the points system, due to the difficulty with which they were produced, maintained and transported. During early war players will need to rely on light tanks, Infantry, Artillery and air strikes to secure their objectives. Mid war covers Kursk style battles - with the Tiger, Panther and Sherman all making an appearance, but before heavier Soviet tanks like the IS-2 or T-34/85 had come into action. Late war covers all the late war toys, from the JagdTiger and Tiger II to the Pershing, to the aforementioned IS-2, among many others.

Ostfront also has a campaign system for combination map-and-tabletop play, allowing you to get that glorious combination of grand strategy and tabletop tactics. The campaign allows up to 5 players to go head-to-head on a map of Europe and North Africa, from Spain to Russia, Scandinavia to Egypt. Each faction fights to control production centres - where they produce more forces each turn, and to spread their supply lines out to the places they need to conquer. A technology race is also implemented, with players who control Tech Centres able to produce slightly more advanced units - even extending to post war tanks if the game is currently in late war - ever wanted a good reason to use a Maus or IS-3? Well here's your chance.

Every time forces make contact on the Campaign map, an Ostfront tabletop battle is fought, with the amount of points on the campaign map dictating how many points you can use in your table top battle. After the battle the results are applied to the Campaign: if you lost 50% of your forces during the game, your force on the Campaign map will also lose 50%. If you were able to win the objectives and cut off your enemies supply train on the table, you will be able to force him back on the campaign map. 

This connectedness makes each tabletop battle have a purpose, and adds a lot of flavor to the game as a whole. You might know you're horribly outnumbered, but you need to give the enemy force a bloody nose while you wait for your main force and your allies to come to your aid, and so you will build a specific list for that game, and that purpose. The campaign also allows for combined attacks, out-flanking maneuvers, encirclement and cutting off of supply lines, and a free-form diplomacy system is also implemented.

Two Campaign maps are available for free download, one is a balanced map for a slightly ahistorical but balanced campaign. The other is a realistic map for a  more accurate WW2 campaign.

The Army Lists are sold separately to the main rules, covering the following 6 factions:



Soviet Army:


United States Armed Forces:


British Army:


Royal Italian Army:


Imperial Japanese Armed Forces (with 6 Pacific Scenarios included)


What does Ostfront offer over other WW2 systems?

-Quick and Easy to play

-Diverse Range of Forces available

-Free Form Army list composition - very few restrictions

-Campaign System built in for a more in-depth wargaming experience

-All army lists carefully balanced against each other - no "codex creep"

-Focuses on Tactics and Army Composition more than special rules and "powergaming"

-Battles have the ability to "Swing" You might be winning one turn, losing a few turns later, then after a few unsure turns, you come out on top - it rewards commanders with grit and determination to give the right orders even under adverse conditions.

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