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Customer Newsletter for 06/29/2014

Wargame Vault

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Greetings Grognards!

The featured products in this newsletter installment are all special in some particular way.

One is currently our hottest seller, Some Corner of a Foreign Field. Another is an Origins Award Winner, Fields of Fire. The third is a Hittite BUA suitable for DBA, a favorite game of mine and that makes it special, at least to me! The outfit that presents this title, libkneht, also has several other ancient buildings products that would work well for DBA or any ancient rule set.

And the last title is by War of Life Gaming who is offering this special offer to wargaming clubs;

Do you attend a wargaming club or are you the head of a wargaming club? If so, contact War of Life Gaming at for a FREE Empires Suport Pack which includes a choice of complementary copies for the Empires Series, and your club will also be sent BETA samples of all future rulesets and expansions for Empires.

All you need to do to apply is send them your name, associated tabletop wargaming club, and which ruleset from the Empires D6, D10, D20, Diceless or Colossus Edition your club prefers or would prefer to play.

Terms and Conditions apply, proof may be required, email for more details.

Sounds like a sweet deal to me, send them an email!

Till next time, good gaming to everyone, and watch your flanks!

~ Steve

Empires Colossus: Orcs and Goblins from War of Life Gaming

Empire Colossus: Orcs and Goblins

The Orcs are a strong, numerous and barbaric race, their Goblin relatives...not so.

This Empires army expansion contains:

  • 20 special rules unique to the Orc and Goblins;

  • 9 unit types available only to the Orc race;

  • 8 unit types available only to the Goblin race;

  • 4 unique characters;

  • Background story to the Orc clans and their vertically challenged cousins.


The Empires: D6 rulebook, D6 Fantasy Expansion and Empires: Colossus are required to use the contents of this ruleset.


Some Corner of a Foreign Field

Some Corner of a Foreign Field  

Some Corner of a Foreign Field is a squad level modern combat game for 4-15 models per side. Using just a d20 or two, it models close range infantry firefights on boards from 2x2 to 8x8. Make sure you bring plenty of cover, because if you're hit, there's a good chance you're going down - better to not get seen at all!

Including rules for offboard support, casualties and morale under fire, Some Corner of a Foreign Field is a quick and easy game to get the blood pumping and the bullets flying. Many of our playtesters have used it not just for post-war conflicts, but WWII as well, so it is a very versatile game. Not only that, but over the coming weeks and months we will be publishing squad lists for several of the conflicts we enjoy playing in the most, and they will be available for free to anyone who buys the game.

The "Afghanistan 2001-present" Squad Lists have already been added to the download pack, has an FAQ (with only two questions), dated 20/06/14.

Morningstar's Tactical Two Pager games are a series of simple but engaging games full of fun and flavour. Each one takes up only two sides of A4, eliminating the need for a quick reference sheet and providing a cheap source of entertainment to our players.


Hittite Fortifications by libkneht

Hittite Fortification


This is paper model kit (High Quality PDF file) of the Hittite fortification for DBA rules.

The models' image was based on the reconstructions, published in the K. Nosov book Hittite Fortifications c.1650-700 BC (Osprey Publishing. 2008)

The base area: 160x160 mm, height 105 mm.

This model is designed at the 1/72 gaming scale, and can be shrunk down to 15mm or 6mm scales by adjusting the print size percentage on your printer.

The set included PDF-file: A4 (11 sheets) and Letter (11 sheets).

You need to print out the received file on paper of 90-120 g/m2 only.


Origins Award Winner Fields of Fire by Proving Ground Games

Fields of Fire

Fields of Fire(tm) is an Origins Award winning tactical combat miniatures game.

Join the great tank commanders of history and play scenarios from the Fulda Gap to 73 Easting to the Battle of Baghdad.  With this simple, yet realistic rules compilation, you’ll be advancing across the board with your own tank battalion within minutes!

Rules Set Includes

  • Complete rules for infantry, AFV and Helicopter

  • Templates for artillery and rocket barrages

  • Separate pull-out charts for NATO and Warsaw Pact nations

  • Complete data on Major World Military Vehicles

  • Uses Micro-Armour® or 15mm scale

  • Scenarios to get you started

  • Easy to read and simple charts

  • Templates that are variable in size based on artillery caliber

  • Easy to understand and straight forward rules

  • Realistic combat model that allows for the simultaneous nature of combat

  • Simplified infantry maneuvers keep large organizations manageable yet accurate

This is a CORE rulebook.  Future expansions will include:

  • WWII 1939-June 1943 in Europe (due out in 2014)

  • WWII 1944 in Europe (due out in 2015)

  • WWII 1945 in Europe (due out in 2015)

  • WWII in the Pacific (due out in 2015)

  • Movie Monster Madness (due out in 2014)

  • Korean War (due out in 2016)

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