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Customer Newsletter for 09/28/2014

Wargame Vault

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Greetings Grognards!

More new rule sets! The products featured here are representative of the many different eras and types of warfare you can find rules for on the Vault. This newsletter it's Horse & Musket, Cold War, Napoleonic and Near-Future. Search for your favorite type of game on our site, and you're sure to find a set you'll like!

Till next time, good gaming to everyone, and watch your flanks!

~ Steve

Midst Battles Din

Midst Battle's Din

Morningstar's Tactical Two Pager games are a series of simple but engaging games filled with fun and flavour. Each one takes up only two sides of easy-to-print A4, eliminating the need for a quick reference sheet and providing our players with a cheap source of entertainment.

Midst Battle's Din is a skirmish game for 10-50 models a side, designed for the period 1745-1856. Recreate the battles for North America, Sharpe's adventures, the fall of the Alamo and the Spanish Americas, the Sikh Wars, the Wild West and more with your own cast of heroes and masses of minions! Though not designed to cover the period explicitly, the game also works for the later 19th century - for instance the ACW, the Prussian Wars and the colonial conflicts of various European empires.

The game has an initiative-based activation system with an element of risk, and elegant firign and melee mechanics that resolve the entire attack using just one roll of two six-sided dice. The "Panic" based morale system integrates personal and force level morale to produce believable results with no book-keeping.

The rules as written are for models from 15mm to 28mm - halving or doubling ranges will give good games in smaller or larger scales. An average-sized game takes about an hour, and large games can still be finished in an evening. If you are playing a large game, you may want to get a few easily differentiated pairs of d6 to help move things along.

Wargames Illustrated's "Rulesmeister Mike" said: "It is easy to learn, has a good period feel, and, for a compact set of rules, gives the players a satisfying range of challenges and decisions." Get your copy now at a cheap, cheap price!


No End in Sight

No End in Sight  

The M113 is burning behind you, the Reds are coming on strong. the platoon is in bad shape and mortar support is nowhere to be seen.

As platoon commander, you have to rely on your squad leaders to push your troops forward, lay down suppressing fire and win the fire fight.

No End in Sight is a comprehensive guide to contemporary, cold war and near future combat. Lead an infantry platoon through random battles, several campaign styles or scenarios of your own design. Track the progress of your squad leaders as you play.

The rules feature an innovative activation and reaction fire mechanic that leaves you making important and tough choices constantly. Know when to push and when to hold off. Your men have to last for a long fire fight and you may run out of steam when you least expect it.

Combat is written to produce a fairly realistic level of casualties. Most fire will serve to pin and suppress the enemy with modest casualty rates until you close to assault.

Command battle hardened professionals and insurgent militia, dismantle IED's, call in artillery fire, evac the wounded and take on enemy tanks. It's all covered.

The rules are written to be both playable and enjoyable on a small gaming space, using approximately a platoon plus appropriate supports, APC's and assorted vehicles on each side.

Run your own invented campaign or use the included systems to:

*Conduct "Hearts and Minds" peacekeeping in a foreign land (or throw the invaders out)

*Fight to prevent the "Domino Theory" from coming true.

*Engage the NATO/Warsaw Pact while hoping the conflict does not escalate out of control.

Play tested by active service military personnel.


This is not a FiveCore system. It's an original, stand-alone game.

Suitable for any individually based miniatures.


Sail Ho! Napoleonic Ships Game

Sail Ho!


These Rules have been written to provide a Fast-Play set in which the fun aspect is highlighted. A game can be single ship to ship combat, or larger Fleet actions, and can run from a half to a couple of hours depending on the size of the Fleets and experience of the players. Several Fleets and multiple players can easily be incorporated.

The Movement system is Hex based, eradicating those minor tweaks and disputes bought about by rulers and angle markers. Ship types are generalised into three levels of Rated and several non-rated types, and include Frigates, fire ships, Bomb ketches, merchantmen and fortifications. Playing counters and sample Fleets are provided.

Combat includes exchanging cannon fire and grappling the enemy to board with Marines!

The effects of wind direction, day or night actions and accumulated damage is represented by various simple mechanisms that are easy to learn, yet hold subtle variations that an experienced gamer can exploit.

There is little record keeping, other than moving counters on a board, so the main focus can be kept on the models on the playing table. It is an I-Go-Y-U-Go turn system that prevents individual ship orders and snarl-ups, but does mean you have to keep your wits about you!

The Rules are originally intended for Napoleonic period ship combat, but can easily be used for other periods in which projectiles are the main offensive weapons, as opposed to the ramming tactics of earlier navies.


Warfare in the Age of Madness 1.1

Warfare in the Age of Madness

Warfare in the Age of Madness is a game of company-level battles in a dark near future. Designed for 15mm figures, opposing forces fight to survive by scavenging supply caches from the battlefield, stripping enemy casualties of their gear, and raiding the enemy field camp.

Features include easy to learn rules, small armies of just a few dozen 15mm figures (about 10-12 elements/stands) and a few vehicles, and a flexible force creation system. Create a completely custom force representing anything from a former regular rifle company (and now your personal war band!) to a hardened civilian militia from your hometown.

The game uses only standard 6-sided dice and can be played on the average dining room or kitchen table.

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