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Customer Newsletter for 11/16/2014

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Greetings Grognards!

This time out the newsletter features some rule sets that I have some personal connections with. Two of them are authored by a new company just starting out, First Command Wargames, and they are long time friends of mine. They partnered with Ganesha Games for one of their titles and the other is released under their own name. I've played their rules many times and have always had a good time!

The third rule set is also from a long time friend, Tod Kershner's Games. I've played his games at conventions more than once and they are perfect rule sets for cons.

While I haven't played the fourth rule set from Fireball Forward yet, it does reference the book Brazen Chariots, which is my favorite WWII tome and likely the best written account of early war tank action in the desert, so it has to be good!

Till next time, good gaming to everyone, and watch your flanks!

~ Steve

For Queen and Planet - The Imperial Wars of Earth and Mars 1845 - 1930

For Queen and Planet

The sweep of the red Sudanese desert, scattered with thorny trees and pierced by black basalt outcrops is the setting for this cinematic rule set. The whirling dervish, the fanatical Ansar and the lonely British foot soldier far from home are the combatants.

With these rules, you can take the role of the British commander tasked by the Queen with maintaining crown rule in distant, inhospitable lands or the local emir, committed to exercising his own free will over the natives who will fight with all their blood, sweat and tears.

Q&P is designed to balance the mass and ferocity of the local peoples against the technology and training of the Colonial powers and to provide a fair and reasonable struggle for both imperial General and local Emir.

This rule set includes:

  • All rules necessary to play either a colonial or VSF version of the game.

  • An alternative timeline for VSF genre play.

  • Unit lists detailing British, British-colonial, Ansar, Beja and Cephalopod forces.

  • A nine-scenario campaign that will allow you to play your way through the Mahdi’s initial rebellion against Egyptian garrison forces all the way through to the siege of Khartoum.

  • A blank unit command sheet.


Each of the scenarios in this rulebook is written to be fought as a pure colonial battle, but it is very easy to add a VSF flare to any scenario or battle you fight with this rule system. I have included an addendum (in italics) to each ‘colonial’ battle to allow you to make it a VSF battle. Play balance will not be affected by converting colonial battles to VSF battles.

 The Rise of the Mahdi Scenarios:

1) First Battle of El Obeid - Dec 1881 Egyptian vs. Ansar

2) Second Battle of El Obeid (or Hick's Folly) - Nov 1883 - British lead Egyptians vs. Ansar

3) First Battle of El Teb (or Baker's Teb) - Feb 4, 1884 - British lead Egyptians vs. Beja

4) Second Battle of El Teb - Feb 29, 1884 - British vs. Beja

5) Battle of Tamai - March 13, 1884 - British vs. Beja

6) Siege of Khartoum - ~May 1884 - Ansar sieging British lead Egyptians

7) The Battle of Abu Klea - Jan 17, 1885 - British vs. Ansar

8) The Battle of Kirbekan - Feb 10, 1885 - British vs. Ansar

9) The Battle of Tofrek - March 22, 1885 - British vs. Beja/Ansar


Song of Drums and Tomahawks

Song of Drums and Tomahawks  

The boom of a flintlock musket, a cloud of acrid black powder, and the drumming of feet as they rush towards the fallen foe. A knife is unsheathed, and with a few quick movements, the enemy’s bloody scalp is ripped free. Warfare in the Eastern Woodlands of America was one of raids, ambushes and sudden violent encounters. These are the skirmishes that Song of Drums and Tomahawks seeks to recreate. The French & Indian War is the most well-known conflict of this period, but these rules cover from the time of the European arrival until the mid-1800s. Players will generally control less than a dozen figures in multiplayer games, perhaps more in one-on-one contests. The fast-paced play, the tense decision making using simple, easy-to-learn rules, will lead to many fun and gripping games.

This book includes:
•All rules needed to play.
•Historical background detailing the Native American tribes and their Europeans foes (and sometimes allies).
•A map showing the locations of the major Native American tribes.
•Timeline covering the major and minor wars from European arrival in North America until the 2nd Seminole War.
•Army lists for the Native Americans, as well as the French & British.
•Complete list of Traits to individualize your troops and reflect the various fighting styles of tribal warriors, European soldiers, or frontiersmen.
• Suggestions on how to set up games and scenarios.
•Detailed description of warfare in this period.

THIS IS A STAND ALONE BOOK. YOU DO NOT NEED OTHER BOOKS TO PLAY. A Joint Creation of Ganesha Games and First Command Wargames.


Warfare At Sea in the Age Of Reason

Warfare at Sea


Warfare At Sea in the Age Of Reason are quick to learn rules for naval actions in the age of sail, roughly from the Armada to the mid-19th century.  2 scenarios are included.  Easy to read ship charts and tables.  Includes rules to use with the Sport of Kings campaign game or virtually any campaign system.  Colorfully laid out, these rules are designed and produced by the same team that brought you Warfare in the Age of Reason, Pig Wars, Age of Discovery, Age of Napoleon, Samurai Knight Fever and A Firebell in the Night.


Operation: Crusader

Operation: Crusader

Refight the desperate battles between Rommel's Afrika Korps and the British 8th Army as they struggled for control of the fortress of Tobruk in November of 1941.  Tanks fleets clashed in the Libyan desert in a massive offensive that ultimately handed the Desert Fox his first defeat.  

Operation: Crusader includes 13 well playtested scenarios for the popular WW2 tactical rules Fireball Forward, covers all aspects of the fighting during this campaign and include Germans, Italians, Indians, South Africans and British combatants. The book also includes new rules, a dedicated stat sheet and a thorough history of the battle.

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